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Our Stone Fruit


All our Apricots is grown in the Klein Karoo area.  This area is known for the best Apricots.  The cold winters and dry, warm summers helps to produce top quality fruit.  The various varieties gives us a packing period of 4 weeks from mid-November to mid - December.

Our growers produce plums from end November up to March.  We have the traditional older varieties going with some of the new exciting varieties.  We pack according to the market requirements.  The area has enough cold units during the year to produce very good colour fruit as well as excellent quality fruit.


Peaches and Nectarines

The Klein Karoo area has dry summer condition and cold winters which gives peaches optimal colouration with very good eating quality.  


We are excited about new developments in the calibration with our partners in the Klein Karoo area.

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