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Eleven years ago, I started with a fruit export business, Bet-el Fruits with the help of Leon. There was hardly any capital or resources or growers we could represent. 


We knew that to be successful, we have to develop and carefully execute all we do according to what we believe is what we stand for. We are both still full time in the business together with 10 more like minded and dedicated team members.


Integrity, honesty, dedication to quality performance and good manners to growers, buyers and each team member is what determines our daily behaviour. It served us well then and continue to serve us well.


We know that we are only an extension of our grower partners. We fully understand the responsibility that rest with us to maximize returns to each grower partner. 


The total shareholding of Bet-el fruit is today in house in the hands of full time and part time employed team members. That speed up decision making and will enhance our ability to assist growers where necessary. 


We are not the largest export company but strive to be the best. We will continue to improve and grow the business and assure each of our growers we have solid contingency plans in place to safeguard the business for the future.


Farming is at the best of times unpredictable and we remain dedicated to find the best markets for the fruit that is entrusted to us. 


During the Covid pandemic we have learned to expect the unexpected and plan according. We value all our relationships greatly and would like to thank all our partners in the value chain for assistance and support during the past few years.


Please be assure that the Bet-el Team is up for the challenges that may come our way in 2022, but we do hope and pray that normality is going to return soon.


Best Regards and Blessings to everyone


Carel Nieuwoudt

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